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Itinerary for the courier

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the Plugin has the option to save the selected option route sheet:

1. "sheet Number" is generated automatically or specified manually, you can use only numbers, also please note that a room change from previously created route is possible only after its removal, no more than 9 digits. Cars. room will be assigned if you did not ask him.
2. "Contractor", a list of performers can be done in the plugin settings, you can also choose a system user, you can enable a telephone number of a system user in the plugin settings.
3. "Responsible", similarly as "Contractor".
4. "Comment", the comment is inserted into the text written in the settings of each performer + other data. Also before saving you can change or add a comment that will remain in the itinerary.
5. "the Status of the orders when saving a route" in the plugin settings you can specify what will be the new status of the order when creating the route sheet or leave without changes.
6. "the Status of the orders when you delete route" in the plugin settings you can specify which order status will be after the removal of the route, by default, returns the previous status of the orders.

Please note

Typing an existing number already assembled route, again open order will be added to the existing!
Not all order data are saved in the route list, if route Assembly is stored only existing orders, dopolnitelnye lines are created are NOT saved, they are only for the current print of the route.