Revision of order by EAN 13

Revision of order by EAN 13 for Shop-Script

verification of ordered products and printing

1.40 October 28, 2019
Added date and time of position scan
1.34 June 21, 2019
Added the ability to change the barcode by double-clicking on the barcode field.
1.33 April 15, 2019
Fixed dependency on the search code register
Added the ability to scan without focus on the search field
Added the ability to add a code if it is not in the product
1.32 January 22, 2019
Added search by part number, after clicking ENTER
1.31 March 20, 2018
Fixed recalculation of position amount,
When you update the template will be reset!!!
1.30 February 26, 2018
Fixes after the previous update, added the display in the informer "order not fully checked" in the case of a partial check of the order.
1.28 February 22, 2018
Added saving count of goods on positions (optional), Added sorting by categories, including category headers (optional).
1.27 January 23, 2018
Fixed: popup price
1.26 December 11, 2017
Fixed language switching
1.25 November 21, 2017
Added the ability to highlight the entire position at once
1.24 November 8, 2017
Performed user request: Added ability to remove/to put a mark on the test without going to the form.
Minor changes logging.
1.23 October 27, 2017
Added logging of events
1.22 October 3, 2017
Minor fixes, including template
1.21 September 20, 2017
At the request of users added: Close the alert by pressing ESC. The ability to remove the mark on the inspection, the separation of access rights on edit form, add/edit the comment, removing the mark on the inspection. The repair form template.
1.20 September 5, 2017
Errors fixed. Added a display option from the ready position "strikethrough", Added the review date, in order, the reviewer added a comment to the finding in the order. Optimized template.
1.01 August 17, 2017
Added sound notification of events. Added ability to set your sounds. Added automatic reporting of the entire position if the position is greater. Added auto-hide alerts after a specified time.
August 11, 2017
First version released.