Revision of order by EAN 13

Revision of order by EAN 13 for Shop-Script

verification of ordered products and printing

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Plugin features "Revision of the order by EAN 13"
The plugin only checks the product availability in order and does not change the order!

Ukrainian language support
1. Checking of goods in order for the bar code EAN 13, provided installed plugin "Pproduct Label" or similar, privuser the product code.
2. The possibility of printing other printed forms if they are installed.
3. The choice of the location of the call button to print.
4. Edit the template and css styles.
a must!
Installed plug-in Privoxy EAN 13 code products. For example "Pproduct Label" or like him.

And more.... Updates are scheduled......
try to consider all wishes and ideas in no time!
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