Profit plugin

Profit plugin for Shop-Script

Plugin display total profit of each order.

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Simple plugin that shows profit of each order.

new! Added feature to chose groups which able to see the profit in order (e.g.: exclude managers)
new! From now services by default not make influence on profit calculation, you can enable back in settings if you need it

If order was placed and one of item in order hasn't purchase price, plugin will automaticaly inform you that the profit can be calculated uncorrectly. Also, it will shows which product has no purchase price and give link to edit this product. Plugin not shows in print forms. Formula is simple: Profit = Total sum of each item in order - sum of purchase price - discount. In case when the purchase price more than selling price the value will be with minus sign. In this case plugin also will inform you to check the prices of products. For correct work of plugin you must keep the purchase price value up-to-date. Please, leave a review. Thanks.