1-Click Ordering

1-Click Ordering for Shop-Script

1-Click ordering lets you skip checkout proceeding

What problems has the customer?

Previously, the customer found the desired product on the website, sent it to the cart, opened the cart, went to the checkout steps, printed contact info, chose the delivery method, etc. What if suddenly he made a mistake with the size? Correct! All over again..

Long and difficult checkout steps force the customer to give up everything and find another online store where it will be easier to buy products.

What solution does the plugin offer?

Combine checkout steps and do not let the customer go away until the purchase of the products.

  • The customer has found the product and want to buy it. Open 1-click ordering form.
  • Form has all checkout steps with delivery information, discounts, total price.
  • The customer fills in the required fields and purchase the products.

What if he made a mistake with the size? It does not matter, here in the form it can be easily changed!

Advantages of the plugin


Catalog, sliders output Form output Article output

Minimal order price Discount information (Flexdiscount) Small form

One step checkout Popup cart