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Quick editor for Shop-Script

Opens the edit window from the frontend

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By default the plugin is disabled.
First of all, turn on option «Enable plugin» in a plugin settings.
The plugin automatically adding fixed edit button on: information pages, product pages, categories pages.
To display additional edit button for each product in category, insert a code {shopQuickeditorPlugin::show($p.id)} in list-thumbs.html as shown below:

<ul class="thumbs product-list">
{foreach $products as $p}
<!-- Paste code here -->
<!-- Paste code here -->

As an example, you can look the file list-thumbs.html from "Default 3.0" theme.
In some themes, maybe is used other file name, for example: thumbs.html, product-list.html, products-list.html, thumbs-list.html...

Also you can paste the code in the application template, in a place where you want the plugin will displayed:
where ID is product ID.
But only in «Shop» app.

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