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Quick editor for Shop-Script

Opens the product editing window from the frontend

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Plugin reduces the number of clicks required to change the product, due to the opening of the editing window of the product from the client side.
Plugin is adding the button "Save and update" at edit page. This button makes four steps: saves product, closes the editing window, updates the main window, moves focus of window to the product which was edited.
Thus, the editing of the goods is accelerating significantly.
In the new version of the plugin, there is opportunity to edit the information pages.


  • enabling/disabling plugin in settings;
  • "Basic data" + "Description" on the same page;
  • button "Save and update" in the product edit window;
  • button "Save and close" in the product edit window;
  • edit product in window or tab;
  • edit button is available only for administrators of application "Shop";
  • editing a information pages;
  • insert plugin in any place of template.
Plugin uses hooks:
frontend_head (JS, CSS)
frontend_product (HTML)
frontend_category (HTML)

Currently, only v1.3 interface mode is supported.


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