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Ask a question about product for Shop-Script

Allows the buyer to ask a question about product.

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4.2.0 January 9, 2020
Question form fixed
Minor changes
4.1.0 January 9, 2019
NEW. Improved spam protection.
FIX. Improved appearance of the pop-up window (when the window is located in the middle).
4.0.2 February 23, 2018
NEW. Support for Cyrillic mail domains.
4.0.1 June 26, 2017
New. Request consent to the processing of personal data (support of requirements FZ-152 RF)
FIX. Correct identified errors and code optimization.
ATTENTION!!! When you upgrade will change the "Template forms" in the administrative part of the plugin. You need to adjust the fields.
3.0.0 January 27, 2017
NEW. Change the algorithm of protection against SPAM mails.
NEW. Hidden "field trap" for spambots.
FIX. Correct identified errors and code optimization.
2.4.1 December 12, 2016
FIX. Bug fixes.
FIX. Fix an html validation form.
2.4.0 September 23, 2016
NEW. Added the ability to specify multiple recipients to send mai
2.3.1 April 6, 2016
FIX. Bugfix to display the helper.
FIX. Fixed issues with correct references to the product in the message.
2.3.0 December 21, 2015
Bug fixes and optimization.
ATTENTION! The plug required to hook frontend_header
2.2.0 December 5, 2015
FIX. The error correction output in a random place in a number of design templates.
2.1.0 October 6, 2015
1. Improve compatibility with popular design patterns
2. Validation of mailbox settings
3. General improvements and fixes detected errors
2.0.0 August 19, 2015
1. The ability to display a button "Ask a question" in the list of goods 2. The ability to edit the template pop-up forms and CSS 3 styles. Clearing form fields after sending a message (optional)
1.2.0 September 8, 2014
The correct functioning with the templates using a quick preview of the goods.
1.1.0 July 14, 2014
1. New option "Title of the popup-window"
2. Fixed incorrect positioning of the popup-window on some design themes.
1.0.2 June 21, 2014
Edit localization.