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Ask a question about product for Shop-Script

Allows the buyer to ask a question about product.

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Allow your customers to get all the information they need about your products in a convenient and accessible form. With this plugin buyer can ask all the questions right from the product page .

Plugin places on the product page text link or button to click which opens a form to enter the issue . The user is required to provide your name , e-mail, phone, and enter your question. After this, the store manager sent an email with the user data , referring to the goods and the question text .

In the backend plug-in provides the following settings:
  • E-mail address manager that will receive letters with questions.
  • E-mail address from which you will be sent a letter to the store manager . The default is - store address specified in the settings.
  • Accommodation
  • link " Ask a question " . Available options : block "Add to Cart " block further information , the main unit or arbitrarily using helper : {shopQuestionPlugin :: display ($ product)}. You can also place a button on the right or left tied to the borders of the screen - in this case, the input window of the issue will go smoothly from the side ( see screenshots ).
  • For hosting option button side of the screen you can also set the background color and text color buttons on it.
  • Ability to enable or disable the display of such optional input fields like " Name " and " Telephone ".
  • text on the button issue (eg, " Ask a Question ").
  • Message sent successfully issue.
  • error message text.

  • Note: : If you wish to change the type of display the link ( for display in the block recycle bin or using a helper ), use the css- class .question-button.

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