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Plugin provides a following settings:

  • Calculated period - number of days for which to look for sales of each product. By default - 90. It mean that plugin will calculate the number of units sold of each product over last 90 days.
  • Min reserve of products - number of days for which reserve of products needed. By default - 15. If you sold 12 units of product over last 90 days, then for next 15 days you need 12/90*15 = 2 units.
  • Increase min. reserve - percentage of increase to min. reserve. By default - 50. If your stock low count setting is 6, then plugin offer be available in 50% units more - 6+50% = 9. This is true for calculating based on sales. If you need 2 units of product for next 15 days, then plugin offer be available in 50% units more = 2+50% = 3 units.
  • Weight attribute field - Weight attribute for correct applying ext.costs to products by weight.