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3.1.0 September 1, 2016
-Change menu items order
-Added filter by supplier with best price in products selections
-Small fixes
3.0.0 August 21, 2016
- Stocks inventory (product quantities, write-offs)
- Fixies bugs
2.1.1 August 11, 2016
- Limit the displayed length of the product name field in documents
- Fix By sales selection
2.1.0 July 9, 2016
- Products with quantities outside stocks added to selection by stocks quantities. This menu item is visible for all shops now;
- Sales price field added to invoice editing;
- Added updating products sales price based on purchase prices in invoice editing;
- Few small fixes for UI.
2.0.2 July 2, 2016
Excel exports fixies
2.0.1 June 28, 2016
Fixed technical error in update up to 2.0
2.0.0 June 14, 2016
Big update
- Suppliers transferred to the "Contacts" application;
- Optimized request for selection of products for purchase based on sales (thanks vapescity.ru for testing);
- In addition to the invoices that come products to the stocks, you can now create a purchase order to the supplier, who, upon arrival of the products, is transformed to invoice;
- Added a selection of ordered products;
- Added the ability to create documents from a selection;
- Added links to documents and products in lists;
- Added ability to filtering list of documents and products;
- Adjustment invoice amount has been removed, instead of added field "Ext.costs" to purchase document;
- Apply document ext.costs to document products: by price, by weight;
- Added a comment field to the invoice;
- Export document to Excel-file in one of three modes, depending on the configuration server.
1.3.0 June 5, 2016
Hot update: now you can select currency for invoice. Little fixes and updates associated with this functionality including currency selection on suppliers page. Fixed product purchase price updating based on product currency.
1.2.0 May 28, 2016
- Supplier document number and date, bill of entry and currency rates for invoice date added to invoice;
- Product row sum field added to invoice. Sale price in popup tip now;
- Best price with supplier added to selection products for purchase. Field data generate based on invoices in last time.
1.1.0 May 24, 2016
- Fixed updating purchase price if product with an unlimited stock quantity;
- Added the ability to adjust invoice total (useful, for example, if you want to include products delivery to your stock in purchase price). There can be negative delta;
- Introduced a primitive settlements with suppliers.
1.0.0 April 3, 2016
Initial version
May 10, 2016
First version released.