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At this stage of development, the plugin is able to replace the goods accounting system, including the "1C: Trade Management»


The plugin functional include:

Selections of required goods, in two sections

  • bsed on sales in the last 90 days (this option can be changed in the plugin settings). Proposed to purchase the quantity of goods is based on the needs of the store for the next 15 days (this option can be changed in the plugin settings);
  • based on stock balance. In this cross-sectional sample is made of "yellow" and "red" residues. Minimum balances warehouse ("yellow") is set up in the store settings in the "Stocks" section. If the store is not set up warehouses in the sample will be presented to "yellow" and "red" residues default products based on store settings (5 pcs.).

The proposed amount for the purchase in both samples include 50% premium to the minimum amount (percentage of premiums can be changed in the plugin settings).

With marked goods can generate the document ordering the goods to the supplier or direct income invoice.

In the samples indicated the minimum purchase price and the supplier who provided the price. These data were obtained on the basis of previous earnings.

For convenience, both samples can be filtered by category of goods and by supplier with best price.

Ordered goods selection

To prevent the possibility of re-ordering of the same goods realized selection of goods that are not yet available, however, we have been ordered to the supplier.


two types of documents are provided in the plugin: order and invoice


The order does not operate with the remnants of the goods, he records the fact of the order missing goods supplier. When the actual receipt of the goods is sufficient to change the look of this order "invoice", thus account incoming goods. Invoice records the fact of receipt of goods in store, change the balances of goods, making information on the change in the change log residues Product residues, as well as change the purchase price of the goods received. If necessary, the plugin can calculate and update the sales price based on the purchase prices with the percentage of allowances. The consignment has carried a sign with suppliers (invoice paid / unpaid).

All the documents include the ability to enable ext.costs on the document, as well as in proportion to (the price or weight) to distribute them between the goods.

Both documents can be exported to a file format supported by MS Excel.

For convenience, the list of documents provides the ability to filter by document type, date, and supplier.


Suppliers accounted in the application "Contacts" in the "Supplier s" category. It is implemented in order to provide an opportunity to make additional supplier data - contacts, phone numbers, etc.


The plugin is implemented suppliers selection in the last 90 days (you can change the setting in the plugin settings) indicating the number of bills in the meantime, the total amount for these invoices, as well as the amount of debt to the supplier, if exists.

Internal accounting

In the "Quantities" you can monitor the current balances. The report includes the period for which these balances should be sufficient. For convenience in this report are implemented filter in the stock, as well as the ability to search the right product on the part name or SKU.

Stock inventory

To enable monitoring and adjustments recorded balances mechanism in the plugin is included with the inventory adjustments.

Inventory Acts do not make any changes to the account of the goods. However, based on the generated act plugin automatically generates correction: posting surpluses and shortages cancellation if each of them would need. Documents adjustments make changes to the balances of goods and record information about the changes in the change log rests on the product. adjustment document may be created manually, without forming inventory act. Both documents (inventory adjustments and act) can be exported to a file format supported by MS Excel.

Inventory steps

advised to check in the store settings in the section "Stocks", that the goods have written off only after the confirmation of the order, and not at the stage of formation of the order before the beginning of the inventory procedure. This is necessary to ensure that the random order in the store did not create differences in the remains.

You need to create a new inventory act, thus indicate what happens warehouse procedure, as well as the currency in which the account will be carried out. The plugin will copy the accounts balances to inventory act. Now, the act can be exported to Excel and print.

After calculating the real (actual) rests in a warehouse, you need to make the data collected in the act. Save made to the act of data it takes place immediately, so you do not worry if in the process of entering actual balances you disconnect electricity or some other event would lead to the sudden closure of the act. The data that you made to persist. After entering all balances you need to press the big red button, which will generate the necessary adjustments, and will prohibit further editing of the act. In the event of an error, you can "reopen" the act. This action will delete the generated dependent adjustments. After making necessary changes, you again click on the big red button that will lead to the formation of new adjustments. All operations with adjustments (create, delete) will be reflected in the change log product residues.