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Coupons, discounts, gifts, N+M. Export to YaMarket

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.

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There are 5 promos:

  • coupon discount,
  • special price for a limited time,
  • price for the loyalty program,
  • buy N items and get M of the same item for free,
  • choice of gift.

Advantages of the plugin

All in one

All promotions inside one plugin. You don't need to buy different plugins to solve one problem.

Flexible product filter

Products for promotions can be filtered by 30 conditions.


Plugin caches products in order not to waste resources on storefront.

Tips for customers

"Next product for free", "Buy 3 products more and get 1 for free", "You will get a Chair as a gift, if buy 1 more product" etc.


You are provided with a convenient visual editor. Ability to change the background, borders, colors, shadows, border rounding, fonts, padding, margin, alignment, width of the elements.


For any promotion you can create badge, which will be shown on catalog and product page.


Convenient gift module; quabtity of products depends on you; gifts for each N products, etc. Read more

Plugin works with multi-step checkout (see instruction) and one-step also.

All text blocks can be edited on the settings page.

Gift module

Customers can recieve gifts after buying some products.

  • List of gifts are chosen by you before creating the promo.
  • Gifts can be more than one.
  • Customers are able to choose gifts in storefront.
  • Customers can choose product variants.
    Imagine, customer can't stand the color of the gift. No problem! It can be changed.

After checkout gifts will have zero price.

List of all discounts
1. Product
  • Product category
  • Product set
  • Product type
  • Single product
  • Product features
2. Product properties
  • Product name
  • SKU code
  • SKU name
  • Product summary
  • META title
  • META keywords
  • META description
  • Product description
  • Product create datetime
  • Product age
  • Product edit datetime
  • Does product has video
  • Does product has image
  • Product rating
  • Product rating count
  • Product price
  • Has compare price
  • Product price - Product purchase price (in percents from price)
  • Product price - Product purchase price (in percents from purchase price)
  • Product compare price - Product price (in percents from price)
  • Product compare price - Product price (in percents from compare price)
  • Stock count (for any stock)
  • Total sales for period..
  • Total number of sales for period..
  • Product tags

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