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Product sets for Shop-Script

Creation and sale of product sets with discount

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Sets are formed from existing products, and new product units are not created.

You can offer the customer to purchase any of Your sets. All you need to do is to choose the products!


Slider of the sets

The ability to create multiple sets in a single offer, which will be displayed in the slider.

Displaying on schedule

For each set you can specify a "lifetime"

Discount types

There are several discount types: general for all products, separately for each product, depending on the number of products in the set.

Alternative products

Allow customer to change the product in the set. They also automatically replace the main product if it is not in stock.

Required products

When a customer creates their own set, you can choose which products must be included in the set.


You are provided with a convenient visual editor. Ability to change the background, borders, colors, shadows, border rounding, fonts, padding, margin, alignment, width of the elements.

Output everywhere

Sets can be displayed in any place of the Shop with the help of special construction. Automatically output available on product and category page.

Products of the set

Products of the set can be chosen from categories/sets/product types.

Different types of layout

You can change output layouts of product card and total block.
Also you have ability to combine them


Plugin has documentation

Although the plugin is compatible with the old version of PHP 7.4, we recommend using it on systems with PHP 8.0 for faster and more stable performance.


Compatibility with plugins that change product prices

Plugin works with frontend_products hook. If a third-party plugin changes the prices of products, and you want the sets to have products with changed prices, check with the plugin developer whether it uses this hook.

Getting products is carried out directly from the database, after which, for compatibility with other plugins, the hook frontend_products is called.

You can also disable that hook in plugin, if you don't want any changes for products.

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