Product sets

Product sets for Shop-Script

Creation and sale of product sets with discount

Sets are formed from existing products, and new product units are not created.

You can offer the customer to purchase any of Your sets. All you need to do is to choose the products!



- Set slider - Set on category page - Layouts of product card - Layouts of the total block

- User bundles on the page - User bundles in popup window

- Alternative products - Required products - Discount types

Compatibility with plugins that change product prices

Plugin works with frontend_products hook. If a third-party plugin changes the prices of products, and you want the sets to have products with changed prices, check with the plugin developer whether it uses this hook.

Getting products is carried out directly from the database, after which, for compatibility with other plugins, the hook frontend_products is called.

You can also disable that hook in plugin, if you don't want any changes for products.