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Next, prev for Shop-Script 7

Navigation when editing product

The plugin simplifies navigation when editing items in your administration panel, create a button Next, Prev by clicking on which you move in the appropriate product

Plugin to navigate through the list of items that you have selected on the page products before proceeding to editing are recognized:

  • all products
  • categories
  • sets
  • types
  • tegs
  • search

On the used list information, product and position it in the sort order displayed next to the navigation buttons (can be disabled in the plugin settings)

Also, monitors changes information on the page, if you changed the name and forget to save, the plugin does not move to other items until you save the changes

Plugin remembers tab that was open at the transition (this option exists in the plugin settings)

Always open to dialog (

  • advice and assistance in configuring
  • small improvements - Free
  • expansion of the functional to your needs