Price list

Price list for Shop-Script

All products, prices, and categories on one page

1.2.1 November 16, 2018
Fixed displaying of prices with various PHP versions.
1.2.0 July 5, 2018
  • Adding of extra price columns to the price list:
    • individual discount for each column;
    • selection of customer groups to show a column to;
    • appearance settings for price column cells,
    • drag-n-drop column tabs to sort columns.
  • Option to embed the price list in en existing website page or a design template using a Smarty code snippet.
  • Support for Smarty tags in text-type settings fields.
  • Option to add a link to the price list to sitemap.xml file.
  • Price list CSS code in the storefront moved to a separate file.
  • Link to quickly open the price list in a storefront from settings.
  • Fixed displaying of national domain names using Punycode in settings.
  • Fixed a minor PHP error in the storefront.
1.1.0 August 24, 2015
  • Added option to remove products with zero price from the price list.
  • Improved compatibility with different design themes.
  • If product categories are not displayed, products are sorted by name.
August 21, 2015
First version released.