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Add a price list with all products, prices, and categories to your online storefront.

+ Displays all products included in any category. If a product is included in several categories, the price list will show it in all such categories. In dynamic categories, products are not displayed.

+ You can remove all categories from the price list so that only products available for current storefront are displayed.

+ Additional product data: Product summaries and images can be displayed in the price list.

+ Adjustable appearance: In plugin settings you can easily change background colors of category and product rows, product price cells, text color of category and product links, as well as font size.

+ Multiple price columns to show the ordinary price and discounted prices. Separate appearance and visibility settings for each column. A column can be visible to all shoppers or to all authorized shoppers, or only to authorized shoppers included in selected categories.

+ Lazy loading: If you have a large product catalog, the price list will be automatically downloaded in parts and displayed as the visitor scrolls down the page in a browser. You may disable the automatic (lazy) loading so that your customers manually navigate through a large price list using pagination links.

+ A link to the price list is automatically added to your store's navigation bar. If you do not need this, disable automatic adding of the navigation link and add it manually anywhere you want in design templates.

+ SEO features: You can specify arbitrary price list page title, any SEO content to be displayed above the price list table, as well as <TITLE> tag, and Keywords/Description META tags. Dynamic text values can be generated using Smarty tags.

+ Arbitrary URL for the price list page, editable in settings. The price list can be embedded in an existing website page or in a design template.

+ Separate price list setup for multiple storefronts.

+ Add a link to the price list to sitemap.xml file.

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