Fast order

Fast order for Shop-Script 7

Classic realization fast order

"I came, I saw , I bought " - is the motto developed plug "Fast Order" .
It's no secret that the ease of shopping - one of the factors motivating the buyer to order it in your store. In this case , to make the order only need to specify your name and phone number, and everything else will take care manager .

This plugin is designed to orders consisting of one position , without committing to a basket .

After installing the plug on the product page there is a button " Fast Order " ( the button text can be changed at your discretion ) . By pressing this button pops up a form in which the customer is prompted to enter your contact information, specify the required quantity and an order to the manager . Then on the configured mailbox message comes on fast order, containing a link to the product and quantity required , name and contact details of the buyer and the comment (if it was entered ) , as well as user login (if the buyer was authorized) . In the admin panel order is not created .

What it looks like :
  • Required fields : name, telephone number and quantity
  • Optional fields : e-mail the buyer and comment .
  • Optional fields hidden under spoiler and disclosed when necessary .
  • Number , you can specify using the " plus " / " minus " or manually entered from the keyboard .
  • If you change the user can immediately see the total cost of ownership .
  • After making quick order buyer sees notice of the order is sent successfully or an error message .
  • Cards with incorrect filling out the form .

  • Settings :
  • Enable / disable plug-in
  • E-mail address manager that will handle the fast orders
  • E-mail, from which the system will send letters
  • minimum purchase amount for services "Fast Order " ( at least if not installed, just leave it blank or enter "0 ")
  • Ability to change the text on the button quick order , and successful transmission and error
  • choose a color scheme . Default- scheme looks neutral and suitable for the majority of those executed in bright colors. There are also options in the style of Facebook and Vkontakte. For online stores , made in dark colors , the plugin offers black and red color scheme .