Information blocks in orders

Information blocks in orders for Shop-Script

Useful hints on order pages and in notifications.

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.


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1.9.5 March 20, 2024
  • Fixed display of blocks, containing Smarty code, on the checkout page.
1.9.4 March 12, 2024
  • Fixed duplicate blocks set up to use selectors.
1.9.3 January 25, 2024
  • Fixed check of shipping address on the checkout page.
  • Fixed blocks duplication on the checkout page with some setups.
1.9.2 December 13, 2023
  • Fixed use of selectors on the checkout page.
  • Fixed check of shipping and payment methods and their plugins on the checkout page.
  • Fixed check of first customer order on the checkout page.
1.9.1 November 15, 2023
  • Fixed zero value of the “Text line spacing” setting after the update to version 1.9.0.
1.9.0 November 10, 2023
  • Added display of info blocks on the in-cart checkout page.
  • New block settings:
    • text lines height,
    • top margin,
    • bottom margin,
    • corners rounding radius.
  • New properties to check:
    • Order: subtotal (cost of products without shipping cost).
    • Order items: services selection is available.
    • Order items: services are selected.
    • Ordered products: stock quantity.
1.8.0 August 14, 2023
  • Added option to display info blocks under the names of individual products on the order-viewing page in the store backend.
  • Added HTML code editor with syntax highlighting and a cheat sheet with Smarty variables to the block text editing field.
  • Added option to save an info block description.
  • Added support for new order properties:
    • Order items: product or service
    • Order items: product quantity
    • Order items: product weight
    • Ordered products: main category
  • Improved settings user interface.
1.7.0 June 27, 2023
  • Added setting Hide under button for blocks displayed in the store backend. Use can use it to place even rather long instructions for your team on order-viewing pages, who can quickly open them using a button and then close them back to continue their work.
  • Fixed display of multiple info blocks on order-viewing pages in the store backend.
1.6.2 June 15, 2023
  • Fixed a PHP error with some configurations on order-viewing pages in the customer account after the update to version 1.6.0.
  • Fixed display of HTML code saved in the info block text.
  • Improved support for Smarty code in info blocks.
1.6.1 April 7, 2023
  • Fixed customer properties checking after the update to version 1.6.0.
1.6.0 April 4, 2023
  • Added option to check the values of customer profile fields available in section Webasyst account → Settings → Contact fields:
    • full name, title, first name, middle name, last name;
    • job title, company name;
    • email addresses, phone numbers;
    • sex, website, description;
    • own custom fields with types “one-line text”, “multi-line text”, “number”, “radio select”, “drop-down list”, “checkbox”.
  • Added new property Customer: is registered.
  • Added new property Order parameter: discount coupon text, which can be used to check multiple similar coupons using one rule.
  • Added option to remove visual design for information blocks, displayed in templates, by disabling new setting Apply design.
  • Fixed an error in checking order and customer properties.
1.5.1 January 13, 2023
  • Fixed execution of Smarty code in info blocks used in templates.
1.5.0 November 11, 2022
  • In the information block setup dialog has been added a button to create a copy of the current block.
1.4.0 November 7, 2022
  • Added option to create info blocks for use in Smarty templates; e.g., in order notification templates.
  • Added condition Ordered products: set.
1.3.1 September 9, 2022
  • Fixed displaying of info blocks set up with the use of CSS selectors on order-viewing pages opened with a PIN code.