Notices in orders

Notices in orders for Shop-Script

Information blocks & hints for order-viewing pages

Plugin “Notices in orders” will show text notices on the order-viewing page, either in the backend or in customer accounts. Set up unlimited text notices using 50+ available conditions and their combinations.

How the plugin will help you process customer orders

Remember how many times you faced the situation when you need to handle various orders differently depending on their properties. Suppose that a customer has ordered products from a specific category. Of the order total is greater or less than a certain threshold value. Of a customer has provided a shipping address in a certain geographic region. Or the total order amount is greater than some critical value. Or the current order status is “X”. Or all of these conditions matched at once or in various combinations with each other...

We are sure that in your online store you definitely have a couple or more of such special conditions that you need to take into account to handle some orders in a different way than usual. But how would you always keep them all in mind? Put them down on a sheet of paper, or save them to a text file, and go through a long check list for every action with every order? And if it is not only yourself who works with customers’ orders in your online store, then you have to instruct and control all of your staff to do so? Not a very reliable workflow.

Here is how it does work: a text notice, or reminder, is automatically shown to your on an order-viewing page, if the order’s properties match those set up for that notice or reminder. Just like this:

With this plugin, you can set up as many notices as you need and use a different set of conditions for each of them. If a current order’s properties match conditions specified for several notices, then all of those notices will be shown on an order page:

This way an order processing employee, or yourself, will never accidentally overlook special orders an will always handle them correctly.

How the plugin will help your customers

Notices matching various conditions can also be displayed to customers, in their personal accounts. For example, you might want to show them some important piece of information if an order is in a certain status. Of if an order contains a certain set of special products. Or if a customer has selected a certain combination of a shipping and a payment method. The plugin offers several dozens of conditions which can combine with each other the way you want to show various notices only to desired groups of customers or for a desired category of orders.

One of most handy available conditions is “any order”. It means that you can set a text notice to be shown to every customer for every order. It might be something useful for any customer; e.g., your refund policy or your business hours schedule.

Custom content for every customer & order

In text notices you can use Smarty code to show individual content to every customer; e.g., current date, or customer’s email address or phone number. Or the total number of products available in your online store. Instead of these simple examples, you are free to add any other useful data to your order notices. This will make your online store more convenient both to your staff, and to your customers.

All features of this plugin

  • Unlimited number of notices to be displayed in any order.
    Set up as many text notices as you need.
  • 52 conditions to define where text notices will be displayed.
    Combine 50+ conditions as you need to match desired order & customer properties.
  • Separate order notices for the store backend and for customer accounts.
  • Editable design for each notice.
    Select colors, fonts, backgrounds, and borders to your liking.
  • Simple text or HTML + Smarty.
    Create any content for your order notices. Use Smarty code in notice templates to show individual text for every order.
  • Easily configurable sort order for order notices.
    Simply drag & drop notices in the list to define which of them needs to read first.
  • Fast disabling of any notice.
    Quickly hide temporarily unused notices and enable them again at any time.
  • Flexibly configurable display location for notices in customer accounts.
    Either use a default location provided by a design theme, or specify an HTML element next to which you want to show a specific notice.

The list of available conditions to show order notices

  • Main order properties
    • Any order
    • Specified order ID
    • Selected customer
    • Status
    • Total amount
    • Order currency
    • Tax amount
    • Shipping cost
    • Discount amount
    • Is customer’s first paid order
    • Customer’s comment text
  • Additional order parameters
    • Discount coupon
    • Customer’s IP address
    • Payment method
    • Payment method’s plugin
    • Shipping method
    • Shipping method’s plugin
    • Sales channel
    • Shipping address
  • Customer properties
    • Name
    • Middle name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Paid total
    • Bonuses amount
    • Number of orders
    • Category
  • Order items’ properties
    • Selected product
    • Selected product SKU
    • Selected service option
    • Total quantity
    • Order weight
  • Ordered products’ properties
    • Name
    • Summary
    • Description
    • Type
    • Rating
    • Price
    • Price currency
    • Tax name
    • Category
    • Badge
    • Feature
    • Feature value
  • Backend user properties
    • Selected user
    • User group