Information blocks in orders

Information blocks in orders for Shop-Script

Useful hints on order pages and in notifications.

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Add useful hints to the checkout page, to the order-viewing page in customers’ personal accounts and in the administrator’s backend, as well as in email notifications.

You are free to write the text of each hint and to decide where exactly to show it.

Hints on the checkout page

Help your customers with the checkout — add colored blocks with any text in various page parts. For each text block you can set up under which conditions and where it must be displayed; e.g.:

  • if there are too few items in the shopping cart,
  • if the total cost of items the cart is too low for free shipping,
  • if a customer is not logged in,
  • if a customer is an organization (or vice versa — if a customer is an individual),
  • if a customer has not applied a discount coupon,
  • ...(any other combinations of over 70 conditions)...
Look at the bottom of this page which conditions you can use to show text hints to your customers. You can group conditions using the “AND / OR” logic.

Hints on the order-viewing page

The store administrator can use additional hints to quickly understand if something about an order requires special attention. Or they can show extra information, which is by default not displayed by Shop-Script. For instance, you can see the total weight of all ordered products or whether the customer does not have a registered account.

A customer in their personal account could see extra useful information on an order-viewing page such as links to help articles or a reminder to pay for a new order.

Individual contents for each order

In information blocks you can use HTML and Smarty code to show dynamic content, which will be unique for every order and every users to whom they are displayed.

All features

  • Unlimited number of information blocks to be displayed in any order.
    Set up as many text information blocks as you need.
  • 52 conditions to define where text information blocks will be displayed.
    Combine 50+ conditions as you need to match desired order & customer properties.
  • Separate order information blocks for the store backend and for customer accounts.
    Show different information blocks to your customers and to your staff and yourself.
  • Editable design for each information block.
    Select colors, fonts, backgrounds, and borders to your liking.
  • Simple text or HTML + Smarty.
    Create any content for your order information blocks. Use Smarty code in information block templates to show individual text for every order.
  • Easily configurable sort order for order information blocks.
    Simply drag & drop information blocks in the list to define which of them needs to read first.
  • Fast disabling of any information block.
    Quickly hide temporarily unused information blocks and enable them again at any time.
  • Flexibly configurable display location for information blocks in customer accounts.
    Either use one of available default locations, or specify an HTML element next to which you want to show a specific information block.
  • Adding information blocks to email templates and other Smarty templates.

Available conditions to show information blocks

  • Main order properties
    • Any order
    • Specified order ID
    • Selected customer
    • Status
    • Subtotal (cost of products without adding the shipping cost)
    • Total amount
    • Order currency
    • Tax amount
    • Shipping cost
    • Discount amount
    • Is customer’s first order
    • Is customer’s first paid order
    • Customer’s comment text
  • Additional order parameters
    • Discount coupon
    • Customer’s IP address
    • Payment method
    • Payment method’s plugin
    • Shipping method
    • Shipping method’s plugin
    • Courier
    • Sales channel
    • Shipping address
  • Customer properties
    • Contact fields available in Settings app:
      • full name, title, first name, middle name, last name
      • job title, company name
      • email addresses, phone numbers
      • sex, website, description
      • own custom fields with types “one-line text”, “multi-line text”, “number”, “radio select”, “drop-down list”, “checkbox”.
    • Paid total
    • Is registered
    • Bonuses amount
    • Number of orders
    • Category
  • Order items’ properties
    • Selected product
    • Selected product SKU
    • Selected service option
    • Total quantity
    • Order weight
    • All product codes added
  • Ordered products’ properties
    • Name
    • Summary
    • Description
    • Type
    • Rating
    • Price
    • Price currency
    • Tax name
    • Category
    • Set
    • Badge
    • Feature
    • Feature value
    • Available quantity in stock — common or on as a selected stock, either ordinary or virtual
  • Backend user properties
    • Selected user
    • User group
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