Minimum quantity of goods for making an order

Minimum quantity of goods for making an order for Shop-Script

Installation of the min. quantity for each goods

Plug-in "The Minimum quantity of goods for ordering" allows you to set a minimum amount of goods, from which the ordering starts.

For saving the data characteristics of the goods are used, which make it possible to modify the data through the "Import / Export".

The plug-in is implemented in the engine of the shop. It means that the client cannot place an order with a smaller quantity of goods than it was indicated.

There is also JavaScript added. When it’s a smaller amount of goods than it was specified, the client will see a pop-up information window. In the item card the minimum amount is indicated.

There is no need to configure the plug-in. The plug-in creates a new characteristic "the minimum amount of goods for ordering” after installing. In this specification the very minimum number is indicated. If necessary, you can change the characteristics in the plug-in settings.

If available it is less than goods, than it is necessary for the minimum order, the user will be able to make purchase. Also in settings of a plug-in it is possible to forbid registration of the order.