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News ticker for Shop-Script

Displaying actual news in a news ticker

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Displaying the most actual news in a news ticker or using amazing text effects.
The plugin can operate in one of two modes: "News ticker" or "Text Animation".
In both cases, the plugin displays a scrolling or animated text in a shop header.
The text of the news is set in the plugin settings.
In the "News ticker" mode, entire line news sequentially moves to one of the selected destinations.
By using mode "Text animation", the plugin will display each new text row with the specified text effects settings.
After enable the "random animation" option, plugin allows you to ignore the settings and animate text by using the random animations.

  • enable / disable the plugin in the settings;
  • automatic plugin output by using the hook "frontend_header";
  • two mode "News ticker" and "Text Animation";
  • stop animation of a text when the cursor is hover ("News ticker");
  • setting the delay time before the start of the animation;
  • 50 text animation and 3 options to display them;
  • use of animations for the words or for a symbols;
  • option "random animation" to ignore the current settings and animate text by using a random animation;
  • the possibility of using Google fonts;
  • setting an arbitrary of the font size;
  • setting an arbitrary background color;
  • setting an arbitrary of the text color;
  • preset textures for a background;
  • setting an arbitrary width;
  • change of position on the page;
  • valid HTML5 and CSS3;
  • embed Smarty code for use the plugin in the templates of a Shop and other applications (like Site, Blog and others).
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