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Export to Excel for Shop-Script

Export of price lists in Excel format (+ CSV).

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.


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The plugin make a new section on the site where you can download price lists in * .xlsx format (standard format for Microsoft Excel starting with Excel 2007 version). Also there is an opportunity to download the price-list from the control panel of the site for each category separately.

The plugin can work together with other plugins, which extends its capabilities.


  • Download all products in one file
  • Download categories in a separate files
  • All products and their variations are exported. In the case of an invasion, the name of the variant of the products can be omitted.
  • Add columns with features
  • In the exported file there is a grouping of rows (you can collapse and expand the groups of lines whose control is to the left of the numbering of the rows)
  • Display of prices in the specified currency, all prices are converted into the specified currency
  • The remains are indicated by the sum from all warehouses, with the ability to set the number of "many" when exceeding a certain amount. It is also possible to display the leftovers in warehouses in separate columns. When you deduce balances in warehouses, you can configure another visibility and sequence of warehouses for the price list.
  • Editing content and Title section
  • Ability to customize cell color and font size
  • Editing the price-list header, including the ability to display a link to the site
  • Link to the section is easy to embed in any design theme
  • The conclusion in the backend of the purchase price
  • Output of different prices in different columns (sales price, crossed out price, other prices when using the appropriate plugin). Supports plugins: "Multiprice", "Wholesale prices", "Flexible discounts". If necessary, you can expand the list of supported plugins.
  • When using the plugin "Multiprice", you can set the output in the price of all prices that are not even available to the user for ordering at the front.
  • Output column with barcode when the plug-in "Barcode" or "Product label" is installed
  • Output of the column with the code that is generated by the plugin "Code" (if available)
  • Output column with a picture 96x96 with the function of disabling for certain categories, which is important for a large number of goods (for example, for basic goods to display pictures, and for accessories do not display)
  • Output column with a link to the picture
  • Output of columns with quantity and amount for ordering
  • Ability to rename any list price column
  • The ability to specify the order of the columns of the price list
  • The output of the column with the code 1C (with the corresponding plug-in installed) can be used to load into "My warehouse"
  • It is possible to reassign the URL for the plug-in relative to the "Store" application in the settings (by default the plug-in ID and the URL of the plug-in's page looks like http://site/mpices/, but you can reassign to get, for example: http://site/price- list/)
  • The ability to set pricing formations in cron (when using the "Multi prices" plugin, prices are generated for all price variations used by buyers)
  • The ability to control access to the price list for certain users
  • The ability to use different language if use apllication MyLang
  • The plugin uses data caching. Therefore, with a large number of products, during the first generation of the price list, the wait time for downloading a file can be longer. (Can be bypassed when using Task Scheduler - cron)

    The plugin uses a third-party PHPExcel library, which is distributed under the LGPL license. Read the text of the license.

    The plugin uses a third-party PhpSpreadsheet library, which is distributed under the LGPL license. Read the text of the license.


    The plugin is very demanding on server resources. (If used in the frontend, you can limit restrictions using the pre-build price list according to the schedule) With a large number of products, you may need to increase the memory_limit setting in php.ini.

    The plugin may not work if you have more than 10,000 products. (When cron is used, it is possible to build prices with the quantity of goods considerably exceeding the specified number)

    Minimal working:

    • PHP 7.2 and above
    • PHP extension XmlWriter


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