Mini-cart for Shop-Script

Displays mini-cart on all pages of the store

0.2.7 April 4, 2021
Added support for routing rules.
Added an option to disable the plugin on the checkout page and the main cart.
0.2.6 May 17, 2018
Fixed a localization bug.
0.2.5 March 17, 2018
Fixed path to files of the user template.
0.2.4 March 5, 2018
Multi-storefront support.
Automatic display of the mini-cart, only after adding the goods.
Extras. settings for the mobile version.

The template editor in the plugin settings.

Attention! After the update, the user's previous version templates will be moved to the wa-data/public/site/ directory, access to this directory can be obtained from the Site-File manager.
0.2.3 October 31, 2017
Fixed a bug that occurs when integrating the plugin into other applications.
0.2.2 May 20, 2017
Link to the CSS file was moved to the Head.
Fixed errors of displaying prices for different currencies.
Fixed a plugin compatibility with the "Store" app of 7.2.10 version.
0.2.1 March 9, 2017
- automatic hiding.

- support of work with services;
- minor bugs.
0.2.0 February 2, 2017
- new options to control the colors of a plugin form;
- the ability to change the number of rows in the list of products;
- added function to automatically display the plugin, if the cart is not empty;
- added "Flying cart" function, which allows you to make, fixed block of cart information while scrolling;

- displaying form of the cart.
0.1.9 December 16, 2016
Improved tracking of events: adding products to a cart, removing products from a cart, changing products quantity in a cart.
0.1.8 November 3, 2016
Improved positioning.
Correction of the layout.
0.1.7 March 11, 2016
Fixed a display function of the mini-cart.
Fixed localization.
After the upgrade, reset JavaScript template in the plugin settings.
0.1.6 January 15, 2016
Disabled a caching for AJAX requests
0.1.5 January 11, 2016
Fixed a bug for work plugin in Microsoft Edge
0.1.4 December 28, 2015
Fixed restore template bug.
Fixed bug of displaying a prices in arbitrary currency.
For update read this:
0.1.3 July 29, 2015
Fixed a bug that changed the language of the site.
0.1.2 July 7, 2015
The ability to use a plugin in other applications (Smarty).
Mobile version.
0.1.1 April 16, 2015
Added the default image for products without image.
Added JQuery plugin iButton.
Minor fixes and optimization.
0.0.9 March 18, 2015
Changed instructions for installing the plugin.
0.0.8 January 27, 2015
Added function to restore the default template.
0.0.7 November 24, 2014
Correction of localization errors
0.0.6 November 12, 2014
English version added.
Fixed some JavaScript errors.
September 12, 2014
First version released.