Mini-cart for Shop-Script

Displays mini-cart on all pages of the store

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This plugin allows you to manage your shopping cart on any page of the store.

  • enable / disable the mini-cart;
  • multiple storefronts support
  • enable / disable buttons in the block mini-cart "View Cart" and "Checkout";
  • edit mini-cart template (HTML, CSS, JS);
  • switch method of opening a mini-cart (automatic opening when the cursor hover on the cart area, or by clicking);
  • embed code for place in template.
  • display a list of goods, with name, price and extra options;
  • change the quantity of products;
  • remove items from the cart;
  • button "Open cart" and "Checkout";
  • compatibility with standard default themes (default and custom);
  • display the total price;
  • the ability to use a plugin in other applications (Smarty);
  • changing the color of background, text, buttons and price;
  • automatic plugin display if the cart is not empty;
  • ability to make fixed cart while scrolling;
  • changing the number of rows in a mini-cart;
  • valid HTML5 and CSS3;
  • mobile version.
More information about integration, you can read here.


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