Mass delete images

Mass delete images for Shop-Script

Fast mass delete images from the products.

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Plugin "Mass delete images" greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of removing photos from the catalog.

Thanks to the plugin in backend appears additional possibility:

  • To delete all the images in the selected list (on the tab "Products").
  • To delete selected images from the editable product.
  • To delete all the images in the editable product.

Enable plugin became possible thanks to the appearance in the backend additional elements. Before deleting the images plugin will display a warning that will protect against the accidental activation.

In the backend plugin adds additional functional elements:

  • On the tab "Products" in right column (link for mass deleting of images from the selected goods).
  • In the edit mode of the goods in the tab "Images" in right column (block with links to the removal of all or selected images).


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