Interactive discount to the Man's Day

Interactive discount to the Man's Day for Shop-Script

Draw attention to promotions and discounts

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In honor of the February holiday we have prepared a surprise for your customers and for you - the plug-in "Interactive discount to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland."

Defender's Day - this is another reason to please their customers, giving them a discount coupon or special offer. On this festive day, all women want to surround their big and little men care, attention and gifts. In anticipation of the holiday, do not forget to congratulate boss, colleagues, clients.

Increase conversions to your online store, expand the customer base.

Design and settings.

The plugin "Interactive discount to the Day of defender of the Fatherland" proposes to you three themes which 100% will stop for attention.

The plugin looks impressive and does not cover the content and key elements of your store.

The tooltip will bring guests to your online-store to the target action.

The function of filling the date and time of the plugin - will determine the period of the action for real men.

Function insert clickable links in the plugin - it will redirect customers to the correct page for уou.

These and other smart plugin settings will answer all of your goals and objectives.

Adaptive plugin automatically detects the screen resolution and correct display.

Supporttouch technology will ensure the correct control by touch on mobile devices.

The plugin remembers the user's action when contacting the discount coupon (opening and closing) and will not allow repetition.

The plugin provides settings rediscovery (when closed): time and number of pages.

Technical information:

  • The plugin is implemented in JavaScript code when opening (erase) discounts. You can set goals Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics or redirect to the correct page
  • There are events at the beginning of the Erasure and end, You can "subscribe" and perform the desired actions (collecting statistics etc.).

    Example: $(document).on('manday__begin_clear', function (e) {...}); $(document).on('manday__end_clear', function (e) {...});

  • Your theme must support fronterHead hook

Always open to dialogue (

  • consultation in the configuration
  • we will consider your wishes on completion and expansion of the functionality (we include them in subsequent updates)
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