Incomplete products

Incomplete products for Shop-Script

Helps you to find products with incomplete data

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Now you will be confident that customers can see 100% of the information about all products in your online store.

This plugin will help you to be constantly aware of products for which you forgot, or have not managed yet, to complete important information:

  1. Hidden products
  2. Products without assigned type
  3. Products not included in any category (availability of products in at least one category is checked individually for each of your storefronts, if you have more than one )
  4. Products with empty summary or description
  5. Products with empty META data: keywords, description tags, and product page TITLE
  6. Products without uploaded images (photos); there is also an option to find products with low quality images below specified size, which can be replaced by high resolution photos to increase the conversion
  7. Products not associated with any tags (for tag cloud)
  8. Products without info pages
  9. Products without related items
  10. Products without customer reviews
  11. Products without specified weight
  12. Products with missing feature values (except for weight, because weight values are verified by a separate filter)
  13. Products with missing (zero) SKU prices
  14. Products with missing SKU stock count values (it is also possible to find products with zero and negative stock count)
  15. Products without specified SKU code or name
  16. Products SKUs set as unavailable for purchase
  17. Products with duplicate names
  18. Products with duplicate URLs
  19. Products with duplicate SKUs
  20. Products with duplicate TITLE
  21. Products with empty photo descriptions
  22. Products with sales price not below compare price
  23. Products with sales price below purchase price

All these product properties can be checked in common product list as well as in individual categories, types, tags, sets, and in search results.

If necessary, change product filtering conditions in section “Plugin → Incomplete products”.

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