Link canonical

Link canonical for Shop-Script 7

Generate automatic URL for the tag canonical

Plugin points to search engine robots the preferred (canonical) addressfor the page, whichhelpingeliminate duplicate content risk.

If your site has identical or similar content, which is available at different addresses, then this plugin will identify the preferred version of a page.You can be sure that all characteristics (for example, page rank) will be passed to the right page.

For example, the same list of productscan be accessed using many addresses (pages with different sorting parameters):


This tag is supported by all search engines:



Plugin features:

  • Generation of values for the tag link rel="canonical";
  • Using the tag on the canonical tag page;
  • Ability to add exceptions for generating values for GET parameters;
  • Ability to disable the use of the tag on paginated pages;
  • Ability to use the tag onreviews pages with links to product pages;
  • Ability to use the tag onproduct subpages with links to product pages;
  • Multiple storefronts availability.

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