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Last Size Sale for Shop-Script

Discount for the goods when there is one article.

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The plugin is useful to those who want to quickly sell off the remnants of the goods, which a lot of articles.

This plugin monitors the occurrence of the last non-zero article in certain categories. If a customer when buying goods, it turns out that in all articles for this product zero number, and one of the articles in the warehouse is a non-zero number, then this product is moved to the specified category settings, and it applies to the specified discount. All the other articles, which remains zero quantity of the goods are marked as not available.

Checking the last article occurs at the time of changing the amount of stock on hand. It depends on the store settings. Whether it occurs at the moment when the goods are sent "in processing" or when the order is formed, or when you manually change the quantity of the goods in the admin panel.

If there is another item not zero sku, the goods immediately returns to its original category, and the discount is canceled.


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