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The product label for Shop-Script

Label, price tag, label product/order with EAN13

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This plugin is not only a tool for General accounting, registration and adding products to the order, search, but also can serve as a mechanism for creating price tags for outlets and showcases, plus it can be used to design labels of goods from the order or create any size of plates with information about the product or order, for example for a transport company.
You can make any formats and sizes of labels and price tags, fill them with a lot of information both from the goods and from the order.
A large number of settings and ready-made templates, you can create your own templates, suitable for you.
There is a parallel plugin Revision of the order by EAN 13 significantly expands the capabilities of the store, the plugin order Revision by EAN 13 is used to work with this plugin or similar.

  • plugin Features:
    1. Printout of the label or price tag with the product data included.
    2. The automatic or manual generation of the bar code in the EAN-13 standard. It is possible to generate a bar code in the free range (200-299).
    3. The assigning a barcode in the product modification editor, as well as generating a new one.
    4. Assign an icon for each modification of the product separately.
    5. Output via the helper bar code anywhere in the store.
    6. Output via the digital code helper to any store location.
    7. Output through the helper icons modification of the goods in any place of the store.
    8. The sarch and auto add product modification in the order, allows you to add product modification to the order by barcode.
    9. The search for products by barcode, allows you to go directly to the product without going through numerous links.
    10. the Search order for the bar code of the product, allows you to navigate directly to the order.
    11. The free editing of css styles.
    12. Auto setup "country of origin" in the product, by code generation or manual instruction, the field "Country" you can select the characteristics of the goods.
    13. Adding code Manager generated according to a template.
    14. Supported by the Excel Price list plugin.
    15. the Barcode can be imported and exported as an additional item field.
    16. The scan with the scanner without focus on the input field.
    17. Print from Warehouse -> Transfers
    18. The items are added to new transfers.
And much more.... Updates are planned......
we try to take into account all the wishes and ideas as soon as possible!
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