Single product

Single product for Shop-Script

Combine many products into one

1.2 September 10, 2019
- Changed the type of rights. Now the backend user with full access to the "Products" section can combine products.
- Added the ability to choose which images will be transferred.
1.1.3 June 29, 2019
- Fixed bug with clone SKU
1.1.2 June 21, 2019
- The interface is changed. The block "Main product" was deleted. Now the main product is displayed first in the general list.
- Now there is the possibility to change the product name, names of the articles and URL of the product.
- There is a new setting — "Copy images".
- Now the name of the main product is moved into the name of the article, if the product had one article.
- If the product had images but the article didn’t have, the image of the product becomes the image of the article.
June 9, 2019
First version released.