Invitations for Shop-Script

It allows users to register by invitation.

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.


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Before you can configure the plugin, make sure that you shop suzhestvuet settlement. This is done in the application site, structure. Just be sure the application is responsible for the registration should be store.

Plugin Settings are divided into sections.

In the settings you can custom categories allow users to invite each other in a private office. Checkboxes to indicate which categories of users may invite other categories. The screenshot shows that users of the category "Secret" can invite other users to the category "Shop". Members category "Shop" in general can not invite anyone. If the category is not checked, no check box, then this category in your account does not appear any additional settings.

The section templates, we can edit the template invitation that is sent to the post office, and the refusal of the page template, which is shown to the user with the correct code is not an invitation, if the settings marked "Register only guest."

In the admin section of your own invitations can invite users.

Here you can select the category to which the user will be invited.

Be sure to specify the correct e-mail, otherwise the user will not be invited.

Description - this is not a mandatory field, but it is convenient because you can specify the reason for the invitation, or how do you know this person.

In the column "Confirmed" status can be changed by clicking. This is done for convenience. For example, some codes are sent by hand or by some forums. Once this code has been sent manually, you can change its status to "Confirmed" to avoid confusion. Not for any processes that status is not affected.

The column is registered, we can see which users took advantage of the invitation and signed up. In the case where the user is registered, it can be seen in the column name "Contact." The name is made in the form of links, on which you can go in the contact settings. Name also invited done by reference.