Instagram Gallery

Instagram Gallery for Shop-Script

Publish any pictures from Instagram in your store

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After you install the plugin go to Shop - Plugins - Instagram Gallery.

Set up header to show before the gallery.

Go to and grant access to your Instagram account (Generate access token). Copy access token and enter it in plugin settings.
This is all required settings you need. After that paste {shopInstafeedPlugin::display()} in any template or page you need. To show Instagram gallery on the home page of your store - go to Shop - Storefronts - Templates - home.html and paste {shopInstafeedPlugin::display()} in any place you wish to display the gallery.

Enjoy the plugin!

You also can change additional settings - change number of pictures in gallery, change picture size, space between images, gallery background, image sorting etc.

Should you need additional support please apply to

Thank you for choosing Instagram Gallery!