Hidden prices

Hidden prices for Shop-Script

Plugin hides the prices of some products.

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1.2.5 October 7, 2016
Changed the algorithm for determining settlements
1.2.4 March 10, 2016
Fixed notice
1.2.3 January 30, 2016
Added new helper that calculates the total amount of goods in stocks or on one particular stock:
{$inStock = shopHiddenpricesPluginViewHelper::inStock($product.sku_id, null)}
The second parameter can be changed to $stock_id
1.2.2 December 10, 2015
Added the ability to edit the message to not having access to prices.
1.2.1 November 21, 2015
Added selection of settlements for the plugin.

Added option to disable javascript hidden prices.
1.2.0 November 19, 2015
Added option in the settings, which allows you to hide all the prices are always ignoring the customization of products.

Now you can show in your personal area button for hide prices. The button is available only to those who have access to view prices.

Added the ability to edit the template to hide prices button.

Optimized scripts.

Added new helpers that make it easier to work with templates.
1.1.0 October 29, 2015
Added ability to select categories of users for which you want to hide prices.
Added helpers.
1.0.6 October 19, 2015
Added helpers for use plugin in other applications.
1.0.5 April 6, 2015
Added compatibility with the theme of "Buysimply".
Improved compatibility with other themes.
1.0.4 February 25, 2015
Fixed bug with removing cells in the table basket.
February 2, 2015
First version released.