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Gift certificates for Shop-Script

Creation of gift certificates and discount cards

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.

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Certificates will help you increase sales and customer loyalty.

For example, you can present certificate or set the minimal order sum, which is necessary for redeem the certificate.


Automatic creation of the certificates

With the help of special tools, you can develop a system in which certificates will be created and sent automatically.

Selling of the certificates

You can sell certificates for any amount. You don't need to create any extra products to do this.

Discount cards

Certificates can be reusable. Thanks to this feature, you can create discount cards for regular customers in the store.

Free products

The certificate can contain free products that will be automatically added to the order when you specify the certificate.


Due to restrictions, you can set the validity period of the certificate, the minimum order amount starting from which the certificate can be used, and the maximum discount amount for the certificate.


There are 5 ready-made templates for certificates available to you. You can make changes to them if necessary.

Certificate states

When selling certificates, you decide when the customer will be able to use them. Depending on the states of the order, you will be able to manage the availability of certificates (states).

Automatic Email- and SMS-notifications

When you change the state of certificates, you can automatically send email and SMS notifications.

Certificates in account page

Your clients will always know if they have active certificates. You can create a separate page in the customers's personal account.

Individual templates

You can create your own templates for certificates.

Manual control

Each created certificate can be changed by you at any time.

Print the certificates

All certificates can be printed.


The plugin has detailed documentation describing all the nuances of the work.


You can use plugin in both one-step checkout page and multi-step

Where else can I use plugin and how?

Below are examples where you can use the plugin.

  • Certificates can be embedded in any Notifications.
  • If you have an application Mailer, you can create certificates inside it.
  • You can output certificates in any templates and pages, where Smarty is available.
  • Inside any plugins and helpers.

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