Gallery+ for Shop-Script

Image gallery + YouTube videos on product page

0.3.3 January 23, 2021
Added full screen mode.
Fixed video display problem when rotating the screen.
0.3.2 September 10, 2020
Added option: "Do not stretch low resolution images".
0.3.1 February 14, 2020
Fixed minor bugs.
0.3.0 January 27, 2020
Added in this version:
- image download button;
- tabs on the settings page.
0.2.9 June 16, 2019
Fixed minor bugs.
Added swipe function.
0.2.8 April 11, 2019
- preloading images;
- animations of image transition.
0.2.7 January 27, 2019
Fixed HTML validation errors.
0.2.6 June 24, 2018
Added options:
Show zoom buttons in popup window.
Show title in popup window.
0.2.5 May 21, 2018
Fixed minor bugs.
0.2.4 April 24, 2018
Fixed minor bugs.
0.2.3 January 27, 2018
Warning! This version is significantly different from the previous ones, the plugin was actually rewritten from scratch.
In this regard, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the current version of the plugin (for the possibility of rollback).
After the update, check the "Reset settings" checkbox in the plugin settings and click "Save".

New features in this version:
- loading the plugin scripts only on product page;
- gallery mode: only images, only videos, images and videos;
- calculation the gallery height based on container width and ratio option.
- support of any other embed video URLs;
- videos manager;
- custom image for video preview;
- ability to edit the plugin HTML-templates;
- slide-show button;
- opening next slide when clicking on an image;
- ability to change buttons color;
- different kinds of spinner;
- fullscreen and modal window mode;
- display gallery in other apps, like Blog, Site, etc;
- examples of embed codes for generate gallery from:product id;from multi product ids;from set;from array.

- scripts: "BxSlider", "Fotorama";
- function that replace default gallery;
- dynamically adjustment of gallery height based on each slide`s height;
- generation of URL anchors for images.
0.2.2 September 15, 2017
Added microdata for photos.
0.2.1 May 6, 2017
Fixed CSS bugs.
0.2.0 April 22, 2017
Fixed HTML validation bug.
0.1.9 February 15, 2017
Valid HTML5 and CSS3.
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.8 January 9, 2017
New in this version:
- added option "Quality (resolution) of preview image for video";
- fixed minor bugs.
0.1.7 July 28, 2016
Added option, for fit thumbnails images in full-screen mode.
0.1.6 June 13, 2016
Added support for changing images when selecting SKU.
0.1.5 May 16, 2016
Corrected a loupe window position after exiting full-screen mode.
Added the function of setting the active thumbnail after leaving full-screen mode.
Minor corrections, formatting of the source code.
The BxSlider script updated to version 4.2.5.
Changed a opening way of fullscreen mode in the mobile version.
0.1.4 April 4, 2016
Added swipe control option.
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.3 March 13, 2016
Added option "Turn on navigation arrows".
Added option "Align of captions".
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.2 February 25, 2016
Refactoring and script replacement.
Expanded possibilities of customization.
0.1.1 November 12, 2015
Disabling the image zoom in the mobile version of the site
0.1.0 August 20, 2015
Added a progress bar.
0.0.9 August 18, 2015
Fixed errors.
0.0.8 August 6, 2015
Fixed saving YouTube identifiers.
Added new parameters in the plugin settings.
July 31, 2015
First version released.