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Flex order for Shop-Script

Adds additional parameters in order

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1.2.8 September 28, 2020
Fix incompatibility with shop-script when working with locale.
1.2.7 February 20, 2020
Added tool to replace order date.
1.2.6 January 21, 2020
Notice in the list of orders has been fixed.
1.2.5 October 18, 2019
Fixed a bug with the disappearance of fields in the helper.
1.2.4 September 16, 2019
Fixed double appearance of the form in the cart.
1.2.3 August 17, 2019
Fixed bug with helper.
1.2.2 April 15, 2019
Added autosave on the client side. Fixed display when placing an order in several steps.
1.2.0 March 14, 2019
  • Added the ability to display a questionnaire before placing an order.
  • Added new settings.
1.1.5 February 25, 2019
Added setting "Sales channels only for admins".
1.1.4 February 18, 2019
Added setting "All orders for admins only".
1.1.3 November 14, 2018
Intermediate update.
Preparation for the analysis of data on the questionnaires.
1.1.2 October 6, 2018
Added mandatory source selection.
Fixed a bug with the choice of payment.
1.1.1 September 13, 2018
Fixed bug when editing an already created order.
1.1.0 September 8, 2018
Added the ability to make a mandatory choice of storefronts.
Added the ability to make mandatory the choice of delivery.
Added the ability to make mandatory the choice of payment.
Added the ability to make all additional fields mandatory.
In the selector field, you can now leave an empty value. Choosing an empty default value will cause this field to be considered not filled.
Added the ability to collapse additional fields.
1.0.8 August 27, 2017
Added helper for displaying custom fields in any template: {shopFlexorderPluginViewHelper::getFieldsHtml($order.id)}