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Flex order for Shop-Script

Adds additional parameters in order

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The plugin allows you to share more information with the buyer as part of the order or save the information hidden from the customer. The plugin has a web form editor. For each form you can access settings for the user and the place where the information will be displayed. Just some of the fields can be shown in the order list. You can allow users to upload their files directly to an order or enter additional information. You can just show some information to the user without the possibility of change. For example to load some documents that he will be able to download in your personal account. Just plug-in allows you to replace one customer to another.

The plugin can also receive data from any of the tables with the order. This option is for advanced users, use it with caution.

A full list of all available fields for the form editor you can see in the following screenshot:

After setting up all the other fields, the orders will be similar to the following:

Keep in mind that you need to pay attention to the access settings for the customer. For example, if you specify the data provider, and specify the field as public, then the buyer will see this field in order.

The ability to replace one buyer to another will, if you enable it in the plugin settings:

If you change the customer, its bonuses are not restated.

After filling in the fields of conservation and in the order, the buyer will see roughly the following picture in your account:

If the user does not have access to edit the fields, the data will be displayed just like information.


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