Flexdiscount for Shop-Script

All types of discounts. Discount constructor

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4.45.1 May 30, 2024
Bug fix for "Contact" filter in old version if the UI
4.45.0 November 7, 2023
Added new condition "Company or person?"
4.44.3 July 13, 2023
CSS fixes in admin area
4.44.2 June 15, 2023
Minor bug fixes
4.44.1 June 1, 2023
Small fixes in backend order page
4.44.0 May 30, 2023
  • Shop-Script X compability
  • PHP 8+ compability
4.43.0 October 18, 2022
  • Fractional quantity support
  • Integration with "Yandex Pay Checkout" plugin
4.42.0 July 14, 2021
  • Added system setting "Calculate only active skus on the catalog page and in the lists". This option enables optimization on the catalog page and in the lists. If you have a lot of skus in products (10 000+) and you feel that catalog page is too slow, enable it. Only relevant if "Change product data on the storefront" is enabled.
  • Added ability to show badges even if you have disabled "Changing product's prices"
  • Fixed service prices
4.41.2 June 13, 2021
Fixed error in calculating discounts
4.41.1 June 5, 2021
Links to the docs were changed
4.41.0 June 2, 2021
  • Added ability to specify discounts/bonuses on the product page (admin area). Read more
  • Fixed error on calculating the discount on Shipping
4.40.1 May 8, 2021
Minor bug fixes
4.40.0 April 27, 2021
  • Added ability to edit abstract product (relevant for the setting "Show only active discounts" on the Account page)
  • Fixed error in Delivery and Payment conditions
  • Fixed bug in coupons
  • Fixed bug in "Product discount limit - Product Field"
4.39.1 February 26, 2021
Minor bug fixes
4.39.0 February 20, 2021

Attention! If you use price with discount on the multi-step checkout (helper shopFlexdiscountPluginHelper::cartPrice), you have to change it. Read more.

  • Added new helper for multi-step checkout
  • Fixed purchase price errors
  • Fixed deny rule errors
  • Removed experimental hook
  • Better plugin operation