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Features tooltips for Shop-Script

Adding tooltips beside the names of the features.

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Add in the showcase tooltips to the features of goods

There are situations when simple and clear goods contain difficult to understand characteristics for potential buyers.

For example: in description of the digital camera there are such features as: ISO, matrix, etc. For most buyers this kind of technical features can cause difficulties in choice because of incomplete understanding of the terms.

Because of misunderstanding any of the features and lack of tips buyers can leave to other sites in search of information and won’t come back to your store for purchase.

Plugin "Features tooltips"

This plugin allows you to add to your showcase tooltips to the characteristics that will help buyers to get comprehensive information about all previously obscure parameters to keep the buyer in the online store and help him make the right choice. That definitely increases the conversion of visitors into customers!

The plugin allows you to set up tips in 2 versions:

  • Globally - the same values of tips for all types of goods.
  • Individually - for each particular type of product individually customized tips.

The values that were set individually have the highest priority and override the global.

The abstract example: If the store sells a large number of different types of products, in the composition of which there is the same characteristic, for all types of these goods you can set the global value of tips only once. In the case when in the same (from a variety) type of goods the sense of characteristic differs from the global value, its tip can be overridden individually for a particular type of product.

And also:

This plugin helps in issues of SEO, because it increases informativeness of the pages of products and aims to increase the usability of your store (on what the search engines currently do special emphasis).

Available settings:

1. The plugin settings let you enable or disable the tooltips in the mobile version of the store.

2. To determine, after which action over the icon show a tip: when you hover the mouse on the icon or by clicking on the icon.


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