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Additional images for product article for Shop-Script

Attach additional images for product article.

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The plugin allows create groups and upload images to them. The received groups are attached to the product article's.

For example, the product "Shirt" have the articles: "S, blue", "M, blue", "XL, red." Create groups "blue", "red" and load images into them. Attach the group "blue" to the articles "S, blue", "M, blue" and "red" to "XL, red".

Method for getting links of articles images

shopEnsoskuimagesPlugin::getSkusImages(array $skus, array $sizes = array(), $deleteEmptySku = false)

$skus is an array of article characteristics defined as pairs of values: array(article => properties). ensoskuimages_group_id property contains the group ID of the plugin image. This array is available in product.html product template in {$product.skus} variable. To get the articles in the templates containing the product list (category, search, etc.) use {$productsSkus = $wa->shop->skus(array_keys($products))}.

$sizes is an array of image sizes. To indicate the original size, use shopEnsoskuimagesPlugin::SOURCE_SIZE constant.

$deleteEmptySku if set as true, then remove empty SKUs from result.


Links to the image of product articles with the original size.
{$images = shopEnsoskuimagesPlugin::getSkusImages($product['skus'])}

Links to images of product articles with a size of 96x96px, without empty SKUs.
{$thumbnails = shopEnsoskuimagesPlugin::getSkusImages($product['skus'], array('96x96'), true)}

Links to images of product articles with a sizes of 96x96px, 200px and original.
{$images = shopEnsoskuimagesPlugin::getSkusImages($product['skus'], array('96x96', '200', shopEnsoskuimagesPlugin::SOURCE_SIZE))}

List of closest improvements

  1. Bulk upload of images using Adobe Flash in older browsers (IE 8 and below).