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Order files for Shop-Script

adding files to the order the seller and the buyer

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2.0.8 April 28, 2023
Fixed the load on switch in the trash
Fixed the ability to load separate styles for the plugin in the frontend
Added the email of the recipient of the sent file in the order log
Other fixes
2.0.7 April 19, 2023
Fixes in the backend
Fixed working with step-by-step shopping cart
2.0.2 October 21, 2022
Global plugin change.
The structure has been completely updated
Uploading files when placing an order (shopping cart)
Multithreaded loading of multiple files in a bundle
Cleaning up lost files
Deleting attached files when deleting an order
Sending messages to any addresses and any senders with a preliminary change of the message
Search for the recipient of files
Sender Selection
Logging of all actions with files in the order log (The previous version of the logs will be deleted!)
2 helpers for inserting into templates (the order files button, the number of uploaded to the order)

Redesigned the rights scheme for both users and buyers.
1.1 January 14, 2019
Small correction - the closing of Windows in the backend.
December 24, 2018
First version released.