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Order files for Shop-Script

adding files to the order the seller and the buyer

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  • Plugin features:
    1. Downloading and downloading any* files to order from the admin panel
    2. Uploading and downloading any* files to the order when placing an order
    3. Downloading and downloading any* files to the order from the buyer's personal account
    4. Ability to rename a file
    5. Typical file format icons
    6. Sending downloaded files from the admin panel to the buyer's email or another
    7. Prohibition/permission to publish each file separately, for the customer in the LC
    8. Adding comments to each of the files, both by the admin and the buyer
    9. The buyer can read comments on other files that are published for him
    10. Extension of the list of allowed file formats
    11. The output of the download button in the buyer's LC, both in the standard place of the showcase, and through the helper, in the place of the order template you need
    12. Helper for displaying the number of attached files by order ID
    13. Logging actions with files in the log of the corresponding order
* - preset formats are limited, you can add or remove from the list of allowed ones yourself.


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