Linking orders to managers

Linking orders to managers for Shop-Script

Linking orders to managers, sales reports

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Main features of the plugin:

The ability to assign each order a manager of its own;

Ability to massively assign managers via the order list*;

The administrator can filter by managers in the list of orders;

Generating sales reports for managers;

Ability to view a report on a specific manager.

*In order to massively assign managers via the order list, you need to:

– select the option to display the list of clients in the form of a table (1);

– select "Assign Manager" from the "With marked" menu (2);

– select the designated manager from the "select manager" menu;


Selecting a group of performers (1);

Selecting a management group (by default, the administrator is the manager) (2);

Managers have options for viewing orders (3):

– only your orders;

– all orders;

– own and free orders.

The ability to allow the manager to invite clients by their own link (4);

Ability to assign a manager to a regular customer (5);

The ability to distribute orders to managers depending on the (6):

– the number of orders from managers for the period;

– amounts of all transactions with managers for the period;

– the number of clients managers have;

– the manager who first opened the order.

In manual mode, regardless of the above factors.

Selecting the order distribution period (7);

Order statuses included in the sales report (8).

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