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Easy Contract for Shop-Script

easy, versatile platform for printing contracts

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Simple, convenient and flexible printing platform for printing a contract or other document, with great features and settings.

Editable template and custom fields, suitable for any order and for all cases in the business.

Suitable: the seller, the courier and the customer.
  • Available:
    1. Create multiple organizations
    2. Create multiple documents
    3. Adding data with the help of helper cells.
    4. Download in PDF/HTML format.
    5. Sending to the client's e-mail in PDF/HTML format.
    6. Add a print.
    7. Add facsimile.
    8. The ability to edit the form immediately before printing HTML.
    9. Edit css styles.
there is a limit with very long texts, the limit on the number of characters in the document is a forced measure, due to the fact that the PDF Converter requires a large amount of server resources, the optimal number of characters in the text is 15300. You can increase the allowed number of characters, but you are acting under your own responsibility!

Updates are planned......
we try to take into account all the wishes and ideas as soon as possible!
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