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Edit by one click for Shop-Script

Products in the admin,instead of viewing - editing

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For ease of editing and reducing the number of clicks a plug-in section Goods, instead of browsing, editing product opens when you click on product name or image (depending on the type of the list).

To be able to open a page to view the product, a small reference to the editing is replaced by a link to view the product

Also Improved back button, remembered where he was one: with the products list, with the reviews from the stocks. The highlight and scroll to the goods at back button press.

The following areas are involved:

  • Lists of products (all products categories, lists, types of goods, tags and search), can be removed in the plugin settings
  • Reviews (can be removed in the plugin settings)
  • Stocks (can be removed in the plugin settings)

Always open to dialog (support@echo-company.ru):

  • consultation in the configuration
  • we will consider your wishes on completion and expansion of the functionality (we include them in subsequent updates)
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