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Displays customer reviews about products

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Your review
By default plugin is disabled.
Open the "Store" - "Plugins" - "Customer reviews" and check the "Enable plugin".
Three type of lists is present in the plugin:

1. Reviews at home page (automatically output via the hook, or by inserting the code in the template).
To displaying reviews on the homepage, check the box "Show reviews on the home page."
You can select, which type of list to use: the "Recent comments" or "Random comments". You can also specify the title, number of reviews and other settings.

2. Custom page with reviews (plugin is output by using a code on the custom page).
You can create a separate page of all the customers reviews about products.
To do this, open the app "Store" - "Storefront" - "Pages" - (+) - specify the page title, for example "Customer reviews" - click on the tab "HTML" and put the code in the editor: {shopCustomerreviewsPlugin::displayReviewsAtCustomPage()} - click to "Save" button - open the created page.
On this page are displayed all customer reviews with pagination.

3. Reviews list (plugin is output by using a code in templates of "Shop" app).
This type of list can be used, for example, in the sidebar.
Use the code: {shopCustomerreviewsPlugin::displayReviewsList()} for insertion into the file sidebar.html.
This code, also can be used in other templates of "Shop" app.

Each type of list, you can use at their discretion.
Group settings "General" is responsible for the displaying elements of review. These settings generally affect all types of lists.
If necessary, for each of the lists can be set the individual settings.
Example: {shopCustomerreviewsPlugin::displayReviewsList([reviews_count => 5, list_type => 'latest'])}

List of all parameters:
homepage_reviews_show => 1,
homepage_reviews_title => 'Customer reviews',
homepage_reviews_count => 4,
homepage_truncate => 500,
homepage_list_type => 'latest', //random
homepage_product_image_size => '150x0',
homepage_reviews_width => '100%',

custompage_reviews_count => 10,
custompage_truncate => 0,
custompage_product_image_size => '100x0',
custompage_pagination => 'both', //top|bottom|both|off
custompage_reviews_width => '100%',

reviews_title => 'Customer reviews',
reviews_count => 3,
list_type => 'random', //latest
truncate => 300,
list_product_image_size => '100x0',
reviews_width => '100%',

show_product_link => 1,
show_rating => 1,
show_review_subject => 0,
show_author => 1,
show_shop_name => 0,
show_datetime => 1,
show_product_image => 1,
product_image_align => 'left', //right|none
show_description => 1,
include_css => 1

By default, the plugin is include CSS table.
If the default design is unsuitable, you can disable the option "Include CSS file" in the plugin settings and override the styles at the current theme design.

Smarty templates
You can make arbitrary changes in the plugin templates.
Open plugin settings, click on the link "Download plugin templates".
To change the plugin templates, you need to download the templates and place them in the current theme design with the same file names.
Unpack the templates archive.
Open the "Store" - "Storefront" - (the current theme design) - "Templates" - "(+) New file" - "Create a new file" - "File Name": CustomerReviewsList.html - open the previously unzipped file CustomerReviewsList.html , copy all the contents and place it in the editor, click "Save".
Repeat for the file CustomerReviewListItem.html.