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Smart sorting for Shop-Script

In product categories and dynamic sets.

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Add custom product sorting options to be applied by default to categories and product sets.

When a product category or set is opened in the storefront, the default sorting rule is applied, which is selected in category or product properties. With "Smart sorting" plugin, you can select your custom sorting option based on multiple useful product properties, exactly as you need it.

Below is the list of available sorting properties:

random sorting
natural: by taking numbers in product names into account
positive price
name (ascending/descending order)
price (ascending/descending order)
rating (ascending/descending order)
reviews number (ascending/descending order)
reviews availability (first are displayed products with customer reviews)
availability in stock (positive or empty) (first are displayed products with positive or empty, "infinite", stock count, followed by products with zero or negative stock values)
availability in stock (empty below positive) (first are displayed products with positive stock count, followed by products with empty, "infinite", count, which are finally followed by products with zero or negative values)
stock count (ascending/descending order)
product creation date/time (ascending/descending order)
type ID (ascending/descending order), convenient for grouping products of the same type
availability of summary (first are displayed products with filled summary)
availability of full description (first are displayed products with filled description)
availability of images (first are displayed products with uploaded images)
total sales amount (ascending/descending order)

To create a custom sorting option, select any combination of these product properties in any order. The closer to the beginning of a sorting rule is a property, the higher is its sorting priority.


Suppose you have created rule "has images, price (ascending order)". Products in such a category or set are sorted by availability of images first of all. Within each group, i.e. products with images and products without images, they are additionally sorted by price in ascending order.

How to use custom sorting options

The sorting options you create automatically become available when you edit a category or a dynamic product set. Simply select the desired sorting option and save the category or set.

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