Countdown for Shop-Script 7

Countdown timer to the upcoming event


Countdown timer to the upcoming event.

  • automatic plugin output in header by using the hook;
  • embed code (Smarty) for use the plugin in the templates of a Shop and other applications (like Site, Blog and others);
  • the ability to change the background and text colors by using the ColorPicker;
  • setting a description of countdown;
  • displaying the custom text after end of time;
  • transition to the specified URL after end of time;
  • changing of the display format (year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds);
  • moving countdown container to a specific location on the page;
  • possibility of using "Google fonts";
  • valid HTML5 and CSS3;
  • 23 theme of design;
  • can count the time from the present to the future;
  • support older versions of Shop-Script: 5, 6;
  • 52 textures for wrapper;
  • theme generator;
  • time synchronization with the server.